Day one done…

So I made it through the kick-off portion of the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. It wasn’t as organized as I had hoped, but its the first time they’ve done it so I guess I can cut them a little slack. My goal is to lose 30 lbs in 90 days- that’s 10lbs a month which for me is reasonable when I really stick to my plan.

They gave out some good information on nutrition and other programs they offered, but it almost seemed like a ploy to get people to sign up for personal training. I felt like a lot of these people were on their way to failing already if they only used the packets of photo copied exercises. I flipped through it and to someone who has done boot camp before, it didn’t seem easy to understand to me. So with 200+ people signed up, I guess I should be happy if they fail because that’s better chance for me to win! Really it just makes me feel sorry for people who don’t have the knowledge that I do and I hope they seek and take advantage of the help that is offered.

There was a guy in line in front of me and he tried to chat me up a few times, talking about protein shakes and vitamins. It was apparent he knew very little. I told him I was taking Vitamin D as a supplement and he looked confused that I would do that. He proceeded to tell me that that you can get D from just being exposed to the sun. Yeah, no shit honey. Guess what, it’s not enough for most people. Not that I’m an expert and it seems what’s good for you changes on a daily basis anyway.

It took me like an hour to get through the gauntlet that was the check in process- half of my time being spent waiting in line to get weighed in and my picture taken. After that I only had an hour left to work out, so I ran a little, worked out my upper body and then headed home.

After that I ate, showered and headed out to donate blood. It’s been a few months since I donated and I try to get in as frequently as they allow you to. It feels good to help, knowing that I may have saved someone’s life. It’s so easy and and doesn’t take much time at all, I wish more people would do it!

That’s all for today!

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