getting sick is good…sometimes.

We are always so busy. All time must be scheduled or used or it ends up “wasted” somehow and lost, and we regret not having used our time more wisely.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the occasional slack off moment or day here and there, and though I do have free unscheduled time, but it tends to be rather infrequent.

So getting stomach flu tends to put the stopper in all your plans and schedules and stops you in your tracks. It forces you sit your ass on the couch, ask for help doing things your 3 yo can do now and contemplate exactly how you came to be here, green around the gills sipping apple juice through a straw as you lay there watching “Invasion” reruns on SyFy channel. Not that you really had any hand in getting sick, shit happens right?

So I’ve had a few minutes to contemplate somethings…

  • My boys are awesome. Yes they can be loud and rambunctious, but they listen very well (most of the time) and are honestly really good boys. They can do so much for themselves and I look forward to seeing the young men they grow into. Beyond that, it still amazes me that 7 yo places so nicely with 3 yo (again, most of the time) and they haven’t driven me crazy even in the worst throes of my stomach flu.
  • There is a scene in the movie “Australia” where Hugh Jackman is shirtless and washing up by firelight, and he pours a thing of water over himself and tugs his pants a little lower for the briefest of moments, yeah, that makes me drool. I’d say he’s on my list, but you know, he seems like such a genuinely, nice guy, it would break my heart to think he’d ever cheat on his wife.
  • That both my mom and brother require a LOT of understanding. There is no excuse for bad behavior, but if you’re going through what they are, there has to be some understanding. That doesn’t mean I won’t be calling them on their shit though. Probably more my mom than my brother though.
  • Me being sick scares the crap out of my husband. God forbid I get something worse than flu and he’s required to do my job for longer than a week without help. He’d step up and do it, but he’d be miserable.
  • Food manufacturers are mostly evil. Never have I looked at more food labels and scratched my head wondering what language I was reading. What are we eating? Seriously? It isn’t food, that’s for sure. How can we expect to thrive or our kids to grow up healthy if we aren’t feeding them food? Or are feeding them mostly sugar? There is corn syrup (or high fructose corn syrup) in just about EVERYTHING- except for the fruits, veggies and meat in our house. WTF? How is this just coming to light for me now? I was overwhelmed at he grocery store yesterday, even just to pick up a few staple items like cereal, crackers and granola bars! We’re changing for the healthier slowly but surely!
  • I think I’ve decided to grow out my hair again.
  • I’m re-working the beginning of my book in what I hope is my final edit before I work on getting published.

I think that’s plenty for now, even though my mom just sent me an article with the title “Attention Disorders Can Take a Toll on Marriage” which means that she believes that either I, though more likely hubby has ADHD…this stemming from a discussion that he and I don’t always communicate effectively.


Did I say something about understanding before?

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