Updating y’all on my life since March, let’s see, I’ll try to get through this quickly…


Did the Martian 10k and rocked it! Took like 4 min off my time from the last 10k I did the previous September. A week or so after that I pulled a muscle in my back and couldn’t run or lift, it was even a challenge to swim, to do flip turns anyway.


Rest helped my back but jumped back into running too soon and pulled it again. Saw a Chiropractor who specializes in ART and athlete injuries and although there was nothing major going on according to X-Rays, she did some adjustments and it seemed to give me more mobility. So I stopped doing much of anything except for stretching because I didn’t want to re-injure pulled muscle before my cruise.

Mediterranean cruise was AWESOME!!! We hung out in Rome a few days then headed on our cruise to Sicily, Athens, Mykonos, Turkey, Rhodes, Santorini, and Naples. I’ll have to post photos another time, I’m disconnected from my external drive that holds such things! Anyhoo, had a GREAT time, ate and drank A LOT, gained 8 pounds and then proceeded to be in a funk of post cruise depression for like 2 weeks.


I did two triathlons in two weeks and although I was tired, I’m glad I did them!

The first was motor city at Belle Isle in Detroit. I had planned to do the olympic distance, but due to pulling that muscle in my back and being off for like a month or so, I couldn’t keep up my training to be able to race that distance confidently. It was fun, even though I had to wear my 2 piece tri suit and the top kept riding up on the run because i didn’t lose the 20+  lbs I needed to, to wear it comfortably and I added 7 minutes to last years PR. Seriously though, I had fun, it felt nice not putting too much pressure on myself to race and just participate and cheer on my team.

Then was Big Fish, felt great on the swim and the first half of the bike, but that course is hilly and the last 3 miles are particularly tough. So needless to say, my legs were pretty much rubber for the run. But again, I finished and it was awesome to race with my friends and hang at the annual BBQ afterward.


Did Muddy Buddy with my cousin, she brought her kids and, hubby brought our 7 yo to participate in the kids version. We had a great time doing the race and getting muddy and our outfits turned out great! We wore pink a pink tutu over our running shorts, striped knee socks and a paper crown on our helmets! Again, I’ll post pictures when I have time and am hooked up to my other drive.

This past week I’ve been at my mom’s. She had foot surgery two weeks ago and still can’t do some things around the house. So the boys and I came out for the week and ran her errands, walked her dog and cooked for her so she wouldn’t have to be on her feet so much. We’ve not butted heads much at all this week and I’ve actually enjoyed being here.

This morning however was the worst, 3 yo woke up around 3am throwing up for no apparent reason (we’re thinking it was the three hours we spent at the beach two days before where he swallowed a ton of lake water). Changed sheets, bathed kid, then lay him down only for him to puke again 5 min later. Change sheets, bathe kid, seems fine, lay him down, pukes again. Bathe kid, bring him downstairs to watch cartoons in sitting position with towel in lap. Pukes on and off a few more times into towel or blanket, we doze on and off for an hour until 6:30 when he decides he’s up.

Has some juice/water combo and some animal crackers and keeps it down. An hour later he’s asking for breakfast. Give him some dry cheerios, has a few then asks for eggs. Okay, not a reasonable request for anyone who has spent significant time puking, but he’s 3, and after an hour of asking and not puking the other stuff up, I scramble some eggs and make toast, thinking he’ll just eat the toast and skip the eggs even though they’re on the plate.

He eats the eggs, has more juice and seems fine. Never more than a low grade fever (100 or less) the whole time and now is gone. Asks for fruit loops two hours later and give him small bowl and decide we’re cool for the day. So trek to grocery store for my mom (shopping for her for the week since we’re leaving tomorrow) and we get there and I forget my list at her house. So I have to go back and the kids are whining that they’re thirsty and whatever, so I pull thru the drive through thinking I’ll get the 3 yo a juice and as we’re in the drive thru line he pukes all over the back seat of my car. Ew.

Dramatic 7 yo is threatening puking if we don’t get home fast and I am coaching him on breathing through his mouth while attempting to get through stupid construction gridlock, all the while listening to 3 yo cry and heave.

We make it back and clean him up and get him settled on the couch. Mom agrees to keep an eye on him so I can get out and do her shopping with 7 yo in tow. We get back and 3 yo is sleeping, ends up sleeping for like 4 hours straight!

So I sincerely he’s still tired enough to sleep through the night and really hope he’s done puking! Survived mostly on popcicles this afternoon, so there shouldn’t be anything solid to yack up anyway! Feeling exhausted and I am sure I will be crashing hard tonight.

On a completely different subject, mom has the new Jillian Michaels book about how to eat healthy and it was a real eye opener. I think I’ll be buying my own copy. Bottom line on the book is that because we eat so much processed food it messes with our hormones so our bodies don’t know how to maintain balance internally anymore, causing weight gain, and a host of other health problems.

I started looking at the labels of things I wouldn’t think twice about eating because it’s supposedly healthy and found so much stuff in it that I don’t even know what it is! If I don’t know what it is, why would I give my kids that to eat? I also read that food labels only have to record trans fat on a label if it’s over a certain amount, but even trace amounts cause serious risks to your health! So it may say Zero, but not really be Zero!

Also, it talks about glutamates. You know, like MSG, but there are a bunch of different kinds, it’s a flavor enhancer. Sometimes food companies will put 3 or more kinds into your food to keep you wanting more. Doritos have 4 different kind of glutamates in them and it keeps you coming back for more, whether you’re full or not. Or even the thought of it, your mouth starts watering and you get that craving for it. It’s addictive! I always knew I was “addicted” to some things and Doritos are certainly at the top of my list!

So what does this mean to us? It means eat whole foods, cook with whole foods. Make your own cookies, with real oats and sugar and eggs, don’t buy oreos. Or buy things that are made with whole ingredients. Eat 4 times a day and try to balance your meals with a combination of carbs, protein and fat.

According to Jillian, you shouldn’t have to kill yourself at the gym to look good, if you eat right and exercise moderately the weight will fall off. So I’m thinking I’ll be transitioning my kitchen this week. Slowly getting rid of the chips, fruit snacks, crackers, and non-food items in my house and replace with whole food.

Some things that will change: 1)More cooking! That will get old, so I’ll have to make extra and freeze for future use. 2)More trips to the grocery each week, as fruits and veggies perish more quickly than shelved items. 3)Possibly a bigger grocery bill as we’ll be opting for more health concious processed items that will cost more. But Jillian points out, would you rather spend that money now on a healthy life or on Diabetes, Blood pressure or cholesterol medication?

So we’ll see how that works, the kids will whine a bit I’m sure, but hubby will be the hard one to transition because he generally doesn’t put much effort into planning ahead for meals or snacks for himself though there is no reason for him not to, but his pure laziness in that area. That and he is not one to eat fruits or veggies. His choice I guess.

So that’s all for now, I’ll try to give more updates on this whole eating better thing!

Other than that, the only for sure thing on my calendar coming up is Peak 2 Peak, a mountain bike race coming up in October. I’m nervous about it and seriously need to start training on my mountain bike!! YIKES!  I will be picking out another tri or two to do this season, though I really am not willing ot commit to anything right now. Oh well, such is my blase season!

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  1. Thea says:

    Wow. I need a nap just reading all of that! =)

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