11 Days and Counting…

Only 11 more days until my due date- which means nothing really. What’s a due date anyway? Once you’re two weeks from your due date you’re considered full term and could go any time. So really, things could happen any time. My goal was just to make it until October-that way the boys birthdays are two different months- and October starts tomorrow, so I think I’m set (knock on wood!).

Still feeling good, still bowling and going to Jazzercise (4 times this week).  It’s funny because everyone (including myself) has really expected me to feel miserable at this point. But I just don’t. It’s weird to explain, but yes I am uncomfortable to some extent- my back aches as do my joints when I do too much, and I have to get up sometimes every hour at night to pee- all that is really just a pain in the butt more than it makes me miserable. I think maybe the second time around you know more what to expect so you aren’t so anxious.  I don’t know, I feel good, I’m not going to question it!

I am a little anxious for the birth as I wonder when and how it all will go down. Last night hubby and I were watching tv and I was having some regular mild contractions. It was kind of freaking me out because I started thinking, “Is this it? Is it time?” but as soon as I got up and moved, they stopped. So I think my body is getting closer to being ready to have this baby! I think it will happen on the 4th or the 6th- somehow those numbers keep popping out for me. We’ll see!

Doctor’s appointments went well the last two visits- had to sign off with informed consent that I want to try for the VBAC as Dr explained the risks involved. One thing she did mention was that there is a risk of uterine rupture- if that happens they have to do a hysterectomy- but in her experience that only happened when they used induction meds in someone that had had a previous C-Section. She explained that her practice doesn’t use induction meds for a VBAC anymore. I was happy to hear that. I hated the pitocen and that anyway!

My last visit she said that I was thinning nicely and that she could feel the baby’s head was down where it should be but that I wasn’t dilated yet. So she suggested walking and of course intercourse. Walking is fine, but anything else at this point is just uncomfortable and frankly painful, so hopefully nature will take it’s course sooner rather than later!

Punkin pie is doing great in school. He seems to like going and doesn’t miss me when I leave. He’s happy to see me when I come back to pick him up, and that makes me feel good. So I am glad we have that routine in place before baby comes.

We have a pretty quiet weekend planned, I think I’ll take punkin pie to get his haircut today and maybe we’ll hang out and watch movies and make potato soup to freeze for later. Tomorrow I think we’re going to go see Open Season. Next week is quiet too, we’ll probably go to Jazzercise like usual and he’ll go to preschool, and I have a Dr’s appointment on Thursday. He has a Urologist appointment on Tuesday too, hopefully his ultrasound shows some improvement otherwise we might be talking surgery again and I realy don’t want him to go through that if we don’t have to.

I guess that’s all for now…


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