Yeah, I’m So Cool…

NOT!! I’m feeling pretty dorky lately. How could I not really?? I am so awkward everytime I move that if anyone were taking video of me at any particular moment they would probably find each moment quite laughable!

I’m thinking about this right now because I’m listening to the new Fergie single “London Bridge” and we do a really fun and funky Jazzercise routine to it. I could only imagine how hilarious I look doing it! Pretty much every routine makes me look funny right now, especially the more dancy ones that have hip shakes or anything with a pelvic rock to it.

Anyway, I’m huge and feeling huge lately. Baby has shifted into a funny position- if not sitting horizontally then on a diagonal, because I feel more awkward than ever and it is hard to get comfortable in any position. I’m not in any pain, just feeling awkward- completely normal, but I hope this baby shifts head down soon!!

My last Dr’s appointment she said I was measuring big, which upset me because they said that when I was pregnant with Punkin pie which was one of the deciding factors in him being induced which led to the emergency C-Section. Now they’ve told me they won’t induce this time, but if he’s going to be a big kid, then they’ll just do a c-section. Anyway, she said she didn’t want to over react to the measurement because it could be any number of things like extra fluid, or just how he is sitting. So anyway, I have an Ultrasound on Thursday to determine just how big this baby is going to be and see how he sitting. I won’t take much stock in what they say about the size though because they told me Punkin Pie would be over 8 lbs and he was only 7lbs, 2 oz.

Anyway, we have our third childbirth review class tonight. I’m finding this class much better than the first one, probably because we’re more relaxed about it, knowing the baby is coming one way or another and knowing we’re capable of handling a newborn. We’ve “been there, done that” so to speak- except for the delivery part- so we’re pretty ready and feeling prepared for whatever comes our way.

Bowling last week went pretty well, my joints are a little achey- due to hormones loosening my joints in preparation of childbirth- so I was tired and sore at the end, but not overly so!  My average is 109 and I bowled a 125-87-100. Not too shabby for just over a month to go and baby awkwardly shifted in my belly! Hopefully this week will be a little better!

Planning to head to my mom’s this weekend, it will be the last time I’ll be able to go comfortably before baby comes. After this I think it will be the holidays before we head out again. It will be nice to visit, plus I know I will get some alone time, I don’t get much of that at home- and when I do, I clean or do laundry, I don’t do anything for myself like go to a movie or write or something quiet for a change.

Went to a few parties this weekend. A 1st birthday party for friend- the food was delicious! and punkin pie had a ball on their playscape and in their toy room! Another friend had a PolkaPalooza- an excuse to get together and drink and eat polish food. One of the two dishes I made turned out pretty good, the second one deserves a re-make I think with a variation on the recipe. Food was great and I was jealous everyone was drinking such lovely concoctions of the alcoholic sort. So I ate extra cookies and two pieces of heavenly peach pie. 🙂  Ah soon enough…

My cousin had a BBQ at his house too the following day and my family brought all the great family favorites, Tuna salad, taco salad, meatballs, burgers and dogs of course and plenty of dessert. We sat around and talked about the baby coming and also my cousin’s wedding to take place just over a year from now. I am excited for the wedding, it is going to be my motivation for getting in shape. I’m going to buy an awesome dress and look totally hot in it! So I think I will start putting a calendar together for my plan to eat better. My exercise plan is already in place so it’s really just the eating that I need to get undercontrol. I’ve known this for some time, but somehow fall off the wagon. But I never quit quitting!! This time will be different too because hubby has recently had his own wakeup call with regards to his health so has been willing to make some changes and has even joined the gym!! Yahoo!

So anyway, all is well for now, baby’s room is completely put together, all we need is the baby now! I just have left to wipe down the stroller and wash the padding that’s on it, otherwise the car seat is ready to go too, just have to put it in the car! I know I have a while to go, but with punkin pie starting school next week and other last minute things I want to do (a dent in my car repaired and our air ducts cleaned) I didn’t want to have anything else to worry about. I think the next thing I will be doing is starting to plan meals to freeze. That way we won’t have to worry about cooking much after the baby is born and we won’t be eating Pizza and McDonalds every night.

That’s all for now!


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